PARTY TIME: Ghosts celebrate their 2019 Group Premiership after thrashing Coffs Comets 68-6.
PARTY TIME: Ghosts celebrate their 2019 Group Premiership after thrashing Coffs Comets 68-6. Sam Flanagan

Ghosts taken to task for misleading comment on move

RUGBY LEAGUE: The Grafton Ghosts have put some noses out of joint in Group 2 with their announcement they want to return to the Northern Rivers Regional Rugby League competition in 2020.

Group 2 CEO Jim Anderson said while it was any club's prerogative to play in the competition it wanted, traditionally there were certain protocols to follow.

"If a club is desirous of going from one group to another there once was a tradition of seeking the permission of your peers before announcing the move,” Anderson said.

"It was just good manners to do so. But it seems those thought of things have gone by the wayside.”

Anderson said the Ghosts' president Gary Gillespie misled people when he declared the club's intent of returning to the NRRRL earlier this week after it had been removed as "part of a reshuffle six years ago”.

"The Grafton Ghosts, and South Grafton for that matter, applied to come to Group 2,” Anderson said.

"There was no re-shuffle. They sought the move because the players were getting tired of the long trips to play up at Murwillumbah and Cudgen.

"Their club president at the time, Neil Payne, met with us and discussed all the reasons for them wanting to make the move.”

The Ghosts have been talking about a return to the NRRRL for the last two seasons.

"We'll be be applying to go back to NRRRL comp for 2020 within next couple of weeks,” Gillespie said.

Anderson said losing the Ghosts would be a blow for the competition as both they and the Rebels had set a high benchmark.

"The Grafton teams, plus the Comets have won the competition for the past six seasons,” Anderson said. "If the Ghosts leave we would have to restructure the competition.”

Anderson said he understood if the move was to happen it would have to be ratified at regional level and then by the Country Rugby League.