Renovation Rumble contestants with host Scott Cam.
Renovation Rumble contestants with host Scott Cam. Photo Martin Philbey

Get ready for reality TV onslaught

WE WILL be hit with an onslaught of new reality TV shows next week, and I'm not sure if I'm ready.

I feel like I've barely had time to digest the results of the Block auctions and on Tuesday the battle of the reno shows will be in full swing as House Rules and Reno Rumble face off at 7.30pm.

Rounding out the 7.30pm timeslot will be Ten's reinvigorated reality cooking show MasterChef, also debuting on Tuesday.

So, what to watch?

After a slow first season, Seven's House Rules really gained traction last year.

It has a built-in fan base, which is likely to make it the ratings winner on Tuesday night.

There are some big personalities this year and with only one tradie in the lot there is sure to be a steep learning curve.

Channel 9's new show Reno Rumble will hope to steal a bit of that thunder as familiar faces from The Block face off against former House Rules contestants.

One of Reno Rumble's struggles will be to engage the viewers who have tuned in to The Block Triple Threat for the past 10 weeks while also stealing some of House Rules' audience. That will be hard to do.

I write about television for a living and I couldn't even remember three out of the four former House Rules teams announced as part of the Reno Rumble cast.

At least viewers had a bit of a breather in between watching Dea and Daz on The Block Glasshouse and The Block Triple Threat.

This time we've got just five days between watching Ayden and Jess on Triple Threat and seeing them back on the tools on Reno Rumble.

The one thing Reno Rumble has going for it, in my opinion, is that the contestants are transforming the houses of deserving Aussie families.

There's at least some satisfaction in seeing reality TV regulars do some real good for people who need a helping hand, not 15 minutes of fame.