Coffs Harbour City Council's design for the $76.5 million Civic and Cultural Centre. The design as seen from Riding Lane.
Coffs Harbour City Council's design for the $76.5 million Civic and Cultural Centre. The design as seen from Riding Lane. CHCC

Get behind the cultural and civic space

Letters to the Editor

AS A new artist (ex CPA accountant) to the area I am amazed by the lack of venues in Coffs Harbour's city area and was amazed to find it so quiet after 8.30pm.

I am very passionate about creating a community that is economically sustainable, creative, artistic, expressive and vibrant.

I am in total support of the new cultural and civic space proposed by BVM architects and applaud their sensitivity to our local traditional owners; the Gumbaynggirr people, in their design.

I think a central building in the city centre is vital, as Coffs' current spaces (Cavenbah Centre, Jetty Theatre, Life Church, Museum, showground and bunker galleries) are too geographically spread out and they actually fracture the community. A central hub will revitalise the city and bring us all together.

I would plead with the councillors to look at similar sized artistic and financially sustainable cities such as Hobart, Hannover, Leipzig, Manchester, Geelong, Wangaratta and Wagga Wagga. They have invested in such spaces and are reaping the financial, artistic and social benefits.

You only have to look at the success of MONA in Hobart, Tasmania, and the flow on uplift in tourism and all industries including real estate, to know the opportunity that lies before our council.

With local support and inclusive, smart, progressive curating this cultural hub could revitalise the city and every business in it.

I have ideas and dreams for many artistic events to curate in Coffs but a central dedicated arts venue, that is modern and dares to take risks in various art mediums in multiple spaces of all sizes, would be a good investment for our city.

I would encourage everyone in Coffs to get behind the design and hope the councillors seize this opportunity.

Sarah Whitteron


Donald Trump has displayed few of the attributes of true leadership since taking office two years ago.
Donald Trump has displayed few of the attributes of true leadership since taking office two years ago.

Presidential standards

MORE than 20 women have now come forward publicly with allegations of sexual misconduct by the most powerful man in America: Donald Trump.

Sure, nothing yet is proven through a court of law, but we seem disengaged when we should be outraged that there is even a hint of this kind of conduct by our leaders.

We seem to have become desensitised.

In the case of Mr Trump, the media seems to overlook the objective lies, the insulting and offensive blanket denials.

The champion of "fake news" now lays the same accusation at a growing list of women.

What is the role of our media in a democracy if it's not to reveal and hold to account the behaviour of our political leaders?

There don't seem to be consequences and I fear this is a disturbing case of the standard we walk past is the standard we accept.

S. Holbrook


Israel Folau at a press conference at the Waratahs headquarters in Daceyville. Picture. Phil Hillyard
Israel Folau. Philip Hillyard

Religious insult

PEOPLE who have suffered extensively dealing with the terrible inequality that exists in the world, and experienced shocking personal tragedies, be it health or catastrophic accidents, then struggle mentally and financially dealing with it, must be totally outraged to have to witness the ongoing sanctimonious bull---t being espoused by Israel Folau and the Australian Christian Lobby.

The obscene amount of money donated and collected by the ACL and Folau's obnoxious claim to be in "the fight of his life" is an appalling insult to all those poor souls suffering terminal illnesses, and who are really experiencing a fight for their lives.

The only life-threatening problems Folau seems to have are his big mouth and the inability to keep it shut when contracted to do so, and a possible mental deficiency in needing constant guidance from the big kahuna in the sky, to be able to deal with the diverse range of human beings living on this planet.

But you really have to hand it to the ACL and how quickly they clicked into gear and made the whole sorry saga into a "free speech" and "religious freedom" issue, obviously it has absolutely nothing to do with either - they're obviously still smarting from losing the gay marriage vote.

Australians already have the freedom to live their lives in the servitude of their chosen religion, if they choose to, just as long as they do not denigrate or impinge upon the lives of others who freely choose not to.

Keith Duncan