AFTER witnessing their local fire brigade go to war with an intense 2019 bushfire season, a new crop of volunteers from around Lawrence have stepped up to the battle lines.

On Sunday, the Lawrence RFS crew welcomed their new recruits, each one keen to give their time and experience to the organisation.

"To see the work that they did (during the bushfires last year), it was amazing, so I thought I'll put my hand up and help out wherever I can," new volunteer George Christinson said.

"I don't mind where I go (within the brigade), so long as I can be of use and help the group."

Retired defence force officer Tony Gallen is hoping to help crews from the air.

"I've got a lot of aviation background," he said.

"During the 1994 fires I was on the helicopters, so I wouldn't mind getting into that," he said.

Lawrence RFS captain Scott Campbell said that, despite having to postpone recruit training due to COVID-19, the memories of the 2019 bushfires is still firmly implanted within the community consciousness.

"With the fire season that most people saw and experienced, they wanted to join and be part of the effort," he said.

"Today, we have nine new volunteers who have signed up which is exceptional."