Kylie Metcalfe with three of her children, Zahara, Braxton and Bree-anna.
Kylie Metcalfe with three of her children, Zahara, Braxton and Bree-anna. Adam Hourigan

Four kids and five more to care for

IF YOU think having four kids is hard work, try looking after everyone else's at the same time.

Meet our second mumtrepreneur, Kylie Metcalfe.

Mother to Zahara, 10, Makayla, 7, Bree-anna, 4 and Braxton, 9 weeks, Kylie is one Grafton woman who has tailored her life to suit working five days a week and being a full-time mother.

Kylie started a family day care centre out of her house more than three years ago so she could be at home with her kids as well as fulfil her passion of working with children.

While some parents, who may or may not admit it, would find this overwhelming, Kylie said she loved every minute.

"Spending time with the kids is fun and the enjoyment I get from it is so rewarding," she said.

"I get so much out of seeing them happy and having a good time.

"I was always going to work with kids and so this just all fits."

While her day is jam-packed with getting her children ready for school and daycare then entertaining a further five kids from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, this patient woman is as cool, calm and collected as they come.

"I do like keeping busy but it does get frustrating when I can't get everything done," Kylie said.

"I've been with my husband for 12 years now and he is really supportive."

Kylie is looking at studying child psychology once her youngest is a bit older.

"I do cake decorating as well and friends say I should do more with that, but I think I'm busy enough for now," she said.