Indi Carroll with her father Mark ‘Spud’ Carroll, a former NRL star.
Indi Carroll with her father Mark ‘Spud’ Carroll, a former NRL star.

Dad’s heartache over daughter’s painful illness

ENDOMETRIOSIS is a crippling disease that affects about one in 10 Australian women, but it is notoriously difficult to treat and diagnose, with many suffering for years before receiving a formal diagnosis.

One of these women is Indi Carroll, the daughter of former NRL star Mark 'Spudd' Carroll.

Ms Carroll, 20, is a cheerleader with the Manly Sea Eagles and has been open about her battle with the illness on Instagram, where she shares her many ups and downs.


Her father has supported her through her illness, but he told Triple M's The Grill Team on Monday that it is heartbreaking to watch his daughter suffer.

"There's so many days Indianna has been stuck in bed … can't get out of bed for three days," Mr Carroll, 51, said.

"I play rugby league as hard as I could. I got the name as 'Mark Carroll who was a tough bugger'. But mate, I cried hard [when I see her in pain].

"Going to bed one night and she's screaming through the house: 'I'd rather kill myself than have this bloody horrible disease.' I went to bed balling. I cried myself to sleep."


There is a family history of endometriosis, with Mr Carroll's wife, Monique, also suffering from the condition.

"It's been in my family. When Monique and I started going out, she had it at least 20 years ago. No one knew anything about it," he said.

"Unfortunately, my beautiful daughter Indianna has this horrible disease, she's had it for the last three years. Twenty years ago, we knew nothing about it," he said.

Too often endometriosis is dismissed as "bad period pain" and isn't taken seriously, he said.

"Some of the bosses think, 'Oh you've got your period, harden up.' But seriously, they are in serious, bad conditions," he said.

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