The Coffs Harbour City Council will vote to send the Jetty Foreshores redevelopment to the public.
The Coffs Harbour City Council will vote to send the Jetty Foreshores redevelopment to the public.

The moment of truth for the Jetty Foreshores vision

IT'S the latest step in the biggest issue facing Coffs Harbour City Council.

Tomorrow night councillors will vote on whether or not to place the draft Jetty4Shores concept plans on public exhibition for a period of 28 days for comment.

A negative vote will throw into turmoil plans that have been in motion almost since the council election in September.

In fact Council noted the Jetty4Shores Project Plan and endorsed the overall direction of that plan at the Council meeting on October 25 last year.

Coffs Harbour Mayor, Denise Knight, is confident the councillors will approve the plans going to public exhibition.

"I spoke to all of the councillors individually the week after they were elected and most of them were for the Jetty Foreshore," Cr Knight said.

It's a plan the Mayor will certainly vote for.

"I love that plan," she said.

"I think the fact that we can see the water and enjoy it and it's got a little bit of something for everyone.

"We've got an area where kids can play, we can swim and see our kids swimming, which is really important.

"I think the plan is environmentally friendly as well."

There's already been extensive consultation through the use of the Project Reference Group, the Harbourside Markets stall and the Key Stakeholders workshop.

Council has also established specific web pages for this project with a large banner on its home page directing people to the Jetty4Shores' web pages.

Cr Knight has adopted an "it's about time attitude" towards the project, echoing the sentiments of many in the community who have waited patiently for the Jetty rejuvenation to start.

"I just hope we get this through; it's been going on for way too long," she said.

If approval is given at tomorrow night's meeting, as well as a display in Council's foyer, it is proposed the concept will be on show at the Harbourside Markets and the Thursday Growers' Markets.

As well it is proposed to develop an online survey.

The Jetty Foreshore revitalisation is the issue almost every single councillor was elected on.

Many who voted them in will be keen to see if their promises regarding the revitalisation of the Jetty Foreshore were genuine or merely pre-election campaign rhetoric.