Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh welcomes Coffs Harbour City Council Paul Amos' passion for the Jetty Foreshores project.
Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh welcomes Coffs Harbour City Council Paul Amos' passion for the Jetty Foreshores project.

MP responds to Jetty Foreshore concerns

Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh has responded to concerns from one Coffs Harbour City Councillor about a recent Jetty Foreshores update.

"The State Government called for community nominations on the Jetty Foreshores Project Steering Committee (PSAC) due to the complex and sensitive nature of the Jetty Foreshores precinct," Mr Singh said. 

"I welcome Cr Amos's passion as a long standing Coffs Harbour resident and I agree with some of his sentiments - especially around the need to balance parkland and open spaces with the much needed revitalisation of the precinct."

He says the Jetty Foreshores Precinct holds a special place in the hearts of all Coffs Coast residents and many people have expressed a desire to see the precinct fulfil its potential.

Foreshore update raises alarm bells for one Councillor


Recent Jetty Foreshore plans have raised alarm bells for one Coffs Harbour City Councillor.

Councillor Paul Amos is concerned the recent update from the NSW Government may not reflect the community's wishes for the area as expressed during several rounds of public consultation over the years.

"Well it's certainly an interesting interpretation that's been endorsed and I'm dubious as to if those plans do reflect the public consultation."

The NSW Government is calling for nominations for representatives on the Jetty Foreshore Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC) and the matter was up for consideration at the recent Council meeting.

Due to his concerns he is keen to be elected to the advisory committee to keep a close eye on the process.

"I am unashamedly pro-parklands and low scale commercial development to support those parklands in that particular area."

Coffs Harbour City Councillor Paul Amos.
Coffs Harbour City Councillor Paul Amos.

Council is keen to have two Crs on the advisory committee but it's unclear if the State Government will support this so it was determined to elect Crs Paul Amos and George Cecato to the committee with the following clause:

'In the event of the refusal of the State Government to accept two Council nominees, this matter returns to the Chamber for determination.'

Briefing notes outlined a number of next steps for the project with one of these being the rezoning of land to allow for land to be 'divested for development by the year 2023'.

"The main purpose of the committee looks to be the rezoning of land, and to allow for smooth sailing in regards to sale of the land.

"Once it goes on the open market and a private developer buys the land, they will have rights like any other private developer and obviously want to make that land work the best they can for the shareholder."

Plans showing indicative height limits.
Plans showing indicative height limits.

Several rounds of public consultation have reflected community concern in relation to height limits along the strip.

In 2017, Cr Sally Townley revealed the State Government's confidential plans to develop high-rises of up to 10 storeys tall on the eastern side of Jordan Esplanade.

The plans were scratched and the planning process started again.

In late 2018 a preliminary concept plan unveiled by Coffs Harbour MP at the time Andrew Fraser, showed indicative height limits of between two and five storeys and no development east of Jordan Esplanade.

For more information on the project go to this link on the Property NSW website.