The situation is becoming more dire at Eungella, residents report.
The situation is becoming more dire at Eungella, residents report. CONTRIBUTED

Fires heading towards Eungella State School

EUNGELLA State School and the nearby Eungella Chalet are under threat as a fire that's been been burning for days edges closer to the top of the Clarke Range.

Working from the Queensland Rural Fire Service headquarters in Finch Hatton, Luana Royle said she was alerting the community to the impending threat.

Eungella had already been evacuated, Ms Royle said.

However, People living in the Broken River area were advised to leave their properties this morning, and evacuate north through Eungella.

Earlier today, firefighters were backburning from the top of the range.


Kippa Ring Fire Station Officer Ross Nunn, who was on Eungella Range Road, said earlier today he was confident they would protect the building.



Mr Nunn said the properties would see "a lot of smoke and heat", however, he said he did not believe there would be damage to the buildings.

Fixed wing water bombers are active in the area, which Mr Nunn said was "making a big difference".


Eungella State School has been closed for several days.

Mr Nunn expressed concern for fires burning along nearby Schumanns Road, saying firefighting efforts were "not looking good at all".

He said crews were talking about creating large fire breaks to prevent damage to homes.