IT MIGHT feel strange standing at the checkout handing over your hard-earned money for a "bag of poo" but your garden will certainly thank you.

With manure on the menu your plants will thrive.

Dynamic Lifter (commercially composted chook poo) is a popular choice with many Aussie gardeners.

It's affordable, easily obtainable and the smell only lasts a few days or until after a good soaking.

Many gardeners know to water plants after applying fertiliser but a good drink before applying will mean your plants are not already thirsty and in any stress.

No matter which fertiliser you choose, always follow the directions on the packet regarding dosages and if you're still not sure, go for the 'less is more' safety rule.

If you have natives, be sure to only fertilise with a product marked "natives only" and don't fertilise any newly transplanted plants of any size, regardless of species, until they have had a chance to settle and are showing signs of new growth.


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