Start off 2017 with a bang by using some feng shui in the bedroom.
Start off 2017 with a bang by using some feng shui in the bedroom. Ridofranz

Feng shui your way to sex

THERE'S nothing like a bit of feng shui to get the new year off with a bang. The ancient Asian art is now practised widely in big businesses, including companies such as Red Bull, as well as in hotel groups, by celebrities and royalty.

Here's some feng shui ideas to inject some sizzle into your sex life in 2017:

1. Use a diffuser to spread sexy scents like ylang ylang or sandalwood that are supposed to increase libido in your bedroom. And, if you're the particularly sweaty kind, shower before bed. A little perfume or aftershave wouldn't hurt either.

2. Invest in high thread count sheets to make your bed a luxurious place to be. Forget satin - way too hot - although satin pillowcases are nice.

3. No photos or your mum, your dog, or your kids in the bedroom. It's kind of like being watched, which may be a good thing of course if you're into that getting caught by the in-laws make believe scenario.

4. Keep the tv out of the bedroom unless it's for a rom-com or erotica. Even science shows that having a television in the bedroom can cut a couple's sex life nearly in half. Really, how turned on are you by the cricket?

5. Never, ever bring your laptop to bed. Ever. No one wants to compete for attention with an electronic device. And don't play Candy Crush on your smartphone either.

6. The same goes for workout equipment. What are those weights saying? I'm a try hard, or my butt needs all the help it can get?

7. De-clutter, especially if you're a single woman hoping to lure a lover. Goodbye stuffed toys, cutesy decor touches and pinks. Hello neutrals and erotic art. If you really want to steam up your sex life, accenting a space with the colour red is the way to go.

8. Go the whole distance and try a feng shui ritual to summon a new sexual partner. You write down the qualities you're looking for on paper with a red pen, place that paper in a silver box, place that box in your bedroom and leave it there for 49 days. After that, don't blame me for what you get.

9. Curtains, curtains, curtains, unless you are into the sort of scenarios mentioned in item three.

10. A real, comfortable, grown-up bed. Not a futon. Not a water bed. Not a mattress on the floor. Good sex is expensive. Invest.

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