Every woman should have several sundresses in their wardrobe because they make you feel beautiful.
Every woman should have several sundresses in their wardrobe because they make you feel beautiful.

Feeling bright and breezy

We have access to an endless variety of fashion styles, garments and prints, yet when summer rolls around our uniform is shorts and tees.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the plain white and denim combo. But when you're afforded the option to wear a classic, colourful and breezy sundress, how could you say no?

Adelaide fashion designer Binny Watson from resortwear label Binny agrees that the humble sundress has become less common in women's wardrobes - but she's here to change that.

"I think it's important that women find joy in dresses again," Binny says.

"We spend so much time taking care of others we forget ourselves. Like a great lipstick, a great sundress can really make you feel good.

"Every woman should have several in their wardrobe because they make you feel beautiful, they're super versatile, trans-seasonal, easy to wear, one piece of clothing, and easy to pack for a summer holiday."

Binny recommends making your dress debut by opting for styles in your signature colour and choosing organic fabrics for practicality.


"If you like plain dresses, think about the shape that suits your body and special details," she says. "If you like colours, go for colours that complement your colouring and also make you happy.

"Think about the quality of fabric and colours or prints you like to wear, and make those your priorities when you're trying on dresses.

"I always go for natural fabrics like silks, linen or cotton because they are light and breathable for summer."

A quality sundress can also be dressed down or up for a casual day out or an evening engagement.

"A good dress should definitely be able to transition from day to night with the right shoes and accessories," Binny says.

"Take my fave Blazey dress for example. Its classic shape and colours will work with a pair of tennis shoes if you're feeling preppy and are in the mood for a picnic, or with a pair of leather slides or sandals for brunch, and then a pair of wedges for a night out."