FAREWELL: Fraser Coast mourns four tiny crash victims, mum

SOME had known Charmaine Harris-McLeod her whole life.

They'd cared for and come to love her four children.

Others had never met the Hervey Bay family behind the tragic crash headlines.

But last night the community was united by grief, mourning the loss of four of its tiny members and their mother, killed in a horrific crash near Kingaroy last month.

A memorial was held at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre as family and friends were surrounded by hundreds offering their support.

Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour, his voice cracking with emotion, vowed Charmaine, Aaleyn, Matilda, Wyatt and Zaidok, would never be forgotten.

Pastor Naomi Oksanen led the ceremony.

Charmaine and the children had been part of her church for four months before their deaths.

SAD LOSS: Hervey Bay's Charmaine Harris McLeod with her four children, Aaleyn, Matilda, Wyatt and Zaidok.
SAD LOSS: Hervey Bay's Charmaine Harris McLeod with her four children, Aaleyn, Matilda, Wyatt and Zaidok. Contributed

All four had different but beautiful personalities, Naomi said.

Aaleyn, the oldest at 6, was ever positive with a love of school and helping others.

Matilda, lovingly known as a drama queen, loved dressing up and was always wearing a tiara.

Wyatt was remembered for his love of life and adventure, while Zaidok loved cuddles and idolised his big brother.

Pastor Ross Davie from Bayside Christian Church said Charmaine had also been a member of his church for 15 years.

"They will be remembered for a long time to come," he said. "So many here have been deeply impacted by this tragedy.

"And even those who did not know them personally share the load of grief and love."

His wife, Mary-Lyn Davie, remembered one Christmas when Charmaine had suggested a day at the beach for those who had no-one else. That suggestion became an annual event, Picnic in the Park.

Mark Jones, principal of Kawungan State School, where Aaleyn and Matilda were students, said they were beautiful children.

Memorial video played at service for McLeods: A memorial video compiled by Charmaine McLeod's sister Katie, played to the packed crowd.

He said Charmaine helped in the classroom every week.

Aaleyn had a talent for art and loved dress up days.

One day every child was told to come as a pirate, but Aaleyn wasn't keen on that.

Instead she came dressed as a cat and every pirate had a pet cat for the day, Mr Jones said.

The week before she died, she had joined in the fun of the under 8s events and had a great day.

Matilda had loved to learn and was sweet and caring towards others, Mr Jones said.

At the memorial it was announced that the funds left over from a Go Fund Me campaign to pay for the funeral expenses of the family would be donated to the truck driver who had tried to save the lives of Charmaine and her children.