FANCY DRESS: Bring your wig and broom for a fun night out.
FANCY DRESS: Bring your wig and broom for a fun night out. DNY59

Fancy a cheap night out at the theatre?

GET your fancy dress on and head to the Jetty Memorial Theatre on Thursday night.

If you're dressed up in Terry Pratchett-themed costume Thursday night your ticket to the CHATS production of Lords and Ladies will be just $20.

What's Pratchett-themed costume? That's easy.

Think wizards and witches, trolls and elves, throw in a monkey and a dwarf and you've got the cast of Lords and Ladies.

The play Lords and Ladies features the themes of good and evil and weaves in a few cheeky references to Shakespeare's classic, A Midsummer Night's Dream.

A talented local cast, under the direction of Beckley Vincent, is having a ball in full theatrical costumes bringing this enchanting story to life.

Join in the fun, get dressed up, throw on a witch's wig or a wizard's hat and get your "cheapie” seat for this local production.

Jetty Memorial Theatre $20 night is Wednesday and $20 Fancy Dress Thursday. Back to normal prices for the final shows, Friday 8pm, Saturday 2pm and 8pm.

Tickets at box office, at door on the night or Jetty Theatre website.