The woman was carrying a knife and screwdriver.
The woman was carrying a knife and screwdriver.

Family’s horror after finding armed woman hiding in laundry

A FAMILY were left shaken when they discovered a woman, wielding a knife and screw driver, had been hiding inside their home.

It had started out as a typical Thursday morning on October 3 for Emma Spencer who lives in the Park Beach area with her partner and six-year-old son.

She'd just come home from the gym at around 7am, leaving the front door unlocked behind her.

She said her and her family were getting ready for the day when the woman had snuck into their home and hid in the laundry room.

While the woman was hiding it appeared she had changed out of her 'high-vis' outfit and left it in the washing machine before putting on Emma's clothes, sunglasses and a hat.

Her partner confronted the woman, and she pulled out a knife.

"She attempted to steal my handbag and Apple Watch, but my partner managed to chase her out of the house," Emma said.

"When she was running down the street she actually tried to break into the neighbours' homes."

Emma estimated the woman would have been hiding in the laundry room for up to 20 minutes before she was found.

She left behind weapons including the knife and screw driver.

"We couldn't come back home for a while. My six-year-old son was home and he was pretty shaken up.

"We've lived here for two years but we've never had something like this happen before."

Emma said the woman appeared to be affected by a substance.

"We didn't know what she was capable of, and she didn't care if she was caught.

"We've only just come back home and we're trying to get back to normality.

"It's ridiculous though, you have to lock yourself in your own house to stay safe."

Police attended the home and took fingerprints. The woman, described as being aged in her 20s, has not yet been found.

Crime statistics show break-ins tend to rise around the summer months. Locals are reminded to lock doors and close windows before leaving home.