The De Havilland Mosquito Bomber with canopy.
The De Havilland Mosquito Bomber with canopy. Samantha Elley

Family uncover 'valuable' aviation treasure

A RECENT donation to the Evans Head Aviation Museum has prompted a call out for other hidden treasures.

The Everett family from Evans Head and Kyogle recently donated the canopy of a De Havilland Mosquito Bomber to the museum after finding it amongst the belongings of patriarch Stuart Everett.

"Dad acquired it back in the day when (the Evans Head Bombing and Gunnery School) were cleaning up," son Peter Everett said.

"He must have thought back then that it was valuable."

The family gathered at the museum on the weekend to officially hand over the piece of historical memorabilia.

It symbolised a time when 200 aircraft graced the hangars of the Evans Head Bombing and Gunnery school during World War II.

"After the school was decommissioned in the 1950s many of the planes were stored in old sheds around the airport," Evans Head Museum vice president John Gosper said.

"Getting something like (the canopy) is incredible because of the age of the item and the fact it was stored so well, is valuable for us."

Mr Gosper said the museum recently acquired an Anson airplane starter engine that someone had bought some time ago for a few pounds, when the school was decommissioned.

"We would like to put a call out to anyone who may have bought parts of the airplanes when the school was decommissioned," Mr Gosper said.

"They may have them stored in sheds somewhere, and they may help us restore our planes."

You can contact the Evans Head Aviation Museum through its website

Bombing and Gunnery School history

In December 1939, the creation of the Empire Air Training Scheme saw Australia undertake training of 28,000 aircrew over a three-year period. The No 1 Bombing and Gunnery School was established under the scheme at the RAAF Station Evans Head and was fully operational by December 1941. In addition to bombing and gunnery practice, the school also trained personnel for roles including air observers/bomb aimers, wireless operators/air gunners and navigators.

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