A crocodile on a waterway near Gan Gan, East Arnhem Land. PICTURE: Elise Derwin
A crocodile on a waterway near Gan Gan, East Arnhem Land. PICTURE: Elise Derwin

Police, rangers hunt killer croc

FRIENDS and family of the woman killed in a croc attack have shared their heartache and devastation.

Due to traditional Yolngu customs, the woman cannot be named.

She was taken by a crocodile at 10am on Friday while she was fishing and collecting mussels with family and friends at a billabong near Gan Gan, East Arnhem Land.

Police and rangers searched the waterway and speared the crocodile in the head just before 5pm on Friday and less than one kilometre from the scene of the attack.

Police initially thought they had killed the crocodile but as of late yesterday the crocodile's whereabouts were not known.

A police spokeswoman said the croc was estimated to be between 4m and 5m long.

The spokeswoman could not say if the crocodile was a known problem reptile in the area.

On social media those who knew the woman questioned why she was taken, and shared their sorrows.

One took to Facebook to say, "I miss my aunty, R-I-P".

"I hate crocodile right now this day's (sic)."

One person said they were "heartbroken" and "sending prayers to everyone an much love you are all in my thoughts an remember we hold each other's hearts in our hands."

"We will continue to remember our beautiful Yapa not only as a Ranger but as a loving Friend (sic) stay close together in the days ahead, Lean (sic) on each other for support don't be alone."

Others said they would treasure their friendship with her and loved her dearly.

The alarm was raised by those with the woman.

Police from Nhulunbuy and Lake Evella raced to the scene. However. due to the remoteness of Gan Gan, it was about a three-hour drive before they arrived.

The lady was a ranger and understood to be employed with the Yirralka Rangers working in the Laynhapuy Homelands.

NT WorkSafe notified media they would be commencing an investigation into the incident. It is not clear yet if she was working at the time she was taken.