Brumbies run through streets of Brooms Head during the 1960s.
Brumbies run through streets of Brooms Head during the 1960s. contributed

Failed stage career led to Brumby's fame

HE may be gone, but the story of the Brooms Head Brumby continues to unfold with the help of the community.

Since his passing last month, residents across the Clarence Valley have come forward to share their knowledge of Brumby and to help trace his family origins.

Brooms Head resident and Brumby's former carer Stephen Otton has also begun collecting information relating to the brumbies of Brooms Head, with the goal of tracing their history in the Clarence Valley.

This week, Cowper resident John Moran sat down with The Daily Examiner and Mr Otton to share his family connection to the brumby, which dates as far back as the early 1900s.

"It all started with a visit to my grandma," Mr Moran said.

"And that's where all the piebalds came from. They were well-bred horses."

According to Mr Moran, a failed career in entertainment led to the distinctive piebald brumbies emerging across Yuragir National Park, followed by a Moran family tragedy which led to a role on the silver screen.

Next Saturday (February 9), The Daily Examiner will present a print and digital package that provides in-depth coverage of the Moran family history and its ties to the Brooms Head Brumby.