Blainey Woodham

Facebook page for menacing magpie

THE notorious protective Tweed Heads magpie that the Daily News introduced to the nation now has its own Facebook page.

The 'Save the magpie - Tweed Heads' Facebook page has messages of support and over 40 social media users have "liked" the page.

The bird was given a death sentence after it attacked a Tweed high school student and caused an incident that drew blood.

After the father of the student presented evidence of the attack, NSW Parks and Wildlife gave Tweed Heads Police a directive to shoot the magpie.

Following widespread media attention and public outrage after we published the story, the police refused to shoot the bird.

Mel Vincent used the page to urge people to sign a petition to have the laws changed.

"This one bird might be safe but it could easily happen again to another who might slip under the public radar."
Corey Moore said people should "harden up".

"There is one nesting in one of our trees in the yard, just send the kids out with the old ice cream hat with eyes drawn on the back like I was made too. Just another example of wasting resources."

Maree Traill also gave a message of support.

"The poor bird should be left alone, its just doing its job."

Carol Umstad took more of a macabre humorous approach.

‎"What did you do at work today daddy, catch a robber?" No son..killed a daddy magpie"

Since the attack and intense media interest in the magpie, several warning signs have been placed in the magpie's territory.