Several people are facing Coffs Harbour Local Court this week.
Several people are facing Coffs Harbour Local Court this week. Contributed

EXPOSED: 32 alleged drink and drug drivers in court

AT LEAST 32 people are facing Coffs Harbour Local Court this week on charges of drink or drug driving.

Every person caught drink-driving in NSW will lose their licence on the spot under tough new laws that were introduced across the state last month.

Drink driving is a factor in about one in every seven crashes in NSW where someone loses their life, according to statistics by the NSW Centre for Road Safety.

The effects of alcohol on your ability to drive are impossible to avoid:

-Alcohol slows your brain so you can't make decisions or react quickly.

-It reduces your ability to judge how fast you're moving, or how far you are from other cars and people.

-It gives you a false sense of confidence.

-It makes it harder to multi-task, affects your sense of balance and makes you drowsy.

Below is a list of individuals facing Coffs Harbour Local Court this week.


High range PCA:

- Kristy Anne Gibbons

- Jeffrey Paul Phelps

- Jayagoby Ranganathan

Middle range PCA:

- Martin Norman Avard

- Wade Bellamy

- Isaac Blanch

- Deon Paul Bullivant

- Ashly Cameron Clarke

- Ava Camille Curzon

- David Paul Gresham

- Brian Matthew Jausovec

- Jacqueline Morris

- Craig Leonard Warman

- Caleb Wilson

Low range PCA:

- Dylan John Bush

- Macyn Robert Carter

- Dylan Victor Darby

- Michael Bruce Hart

- Rhys Anthony Munro

- Peter David Orr

- Joseph Mark Rattray

Special range PCA:

- Adam Lloyd Costelloe

- Rayden Kennedy

- Rachelle Wilson

Novice range PCA:

- Joshua Courtland Topfer

Drive under the influence:

- Sarah Sue Ferguson


- Mark Arion Aldcroft

- Monique Amy Kahya

- Joe Henry Smith

- Matthew Brian Smyth (x2)

- Mitchell Thomas Van Horgan

- Mathew James West