A week’s worth of toilet paper stocks at FoodWorks South Gladstone.
A week’s worth of toilet paper stocks at FoodWorks South Gladstone.

Explained: Why supermarket sold toilet paper for $30+

Supermarket owners Sam and Serey Pao have not been able to keep up with demand for toilet paper since panic buying hit.

Together they run FoodWorks South Gladstone, the store that sold 24 packs of toilet paper for $34.95 each last week.

There was outrage among some in the community who assumed the price had been inflated to take advantage of shortages in the city, but the couple are adamant their margins haven't changed.

"We have no intention of putting our prices up," Sam said.

Serey said it felt like they had won the lotto when they were finally able to source ­toilet paper from a different supplier.

She said the Quilton 24-roll packs were the only ones they could find, and the combination of having to go outside the normal supply chain plus freight costs resulted in a higher price.

The price breaks down to about $1.45 per roll.

They felt having something on the shelves was better than nothing and did not expect the reaction that followed.

The total of this week's delivery is 24 packs of eight rolls plus a 24 pack of singles, which Serey said would sell out in about five minutes.

Typically they received as much as two pallets' worth of different brands and sizes.

The couple apologised if people were upset, especially the elderly who could not afford to pay for the large packs.

"We had no intention to create this problem," Serey said.

"We 100 per cent understand and if we made anybody upset, we do apologise," she added.