Expect more serious cyclones, bushfires in this climate

CYCLONE seasons are set to become more intense, feature heavier rain and bushfires will become more devastating as temperatures across Australia continue to increase.

It comes as parts of Queensland was preparing to ride out the storms forecast for the end of the week.

Supercell hailstorm to smash Queensland towns 'biggest this year' 

The latest State of the Climate report found the temperature in Australia have increased by one degree since 1910, which marks a massive change in the country's actual climate.

The report emphasises that 2015 was the hottest year on record, since records began in 1880.

In the past 16 years, 15 have been the hottest recorded.


Bureau of Meteorology climate-monitoring manager Dr Karl Braganza told the Courier-Mail that we can expect summer storms to become more severe.

"Extreme events are likely to become more extreme," he said.

"Periods of drought will likely be more severe, particularly under the influence of higher temperatures, and we saw that in the recent drought in Queensland.

"The wet periods are likely to be wetter as well."

Parts of Queensland are meanwhile being warned to brace for destructive winds, hail and flooding, with storm-watching groups suggesting it could be "one of the biggest storms" of 2016.

The group South Brisbane Storms is warning to be prepared for a "supercell" storm which is "capable of very large hail, a risk along with flash flooding and potential for damaging or even destructive wind gusts".