CHALLENGING ALLEGATIONS: Ben Dyball is refuting claims he posted 'menacing' posts on Twitter in April 2016.
CHALLENGING ALLEGATIONS: Ben Dyball is refuting claims he posted 'menacing' posts on Twitter in April 2016. Marian Faa

Ex- cop fights allegation of 'menacing' Twitter posts

A FORMER Warwick police officer charged with allegedly sharing menacing posts on Twitter stood at the bar table at Warwick Magistrates Court on Wednesday challenging the complaint made by a current Queensland inspector.

Ben Alexander Ephraim Dyball fronted the court for committal proceedings to determine whether there was enough evidence to take the case to trial.

Mr Dyball, 51, is charged with one count of using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, with the alleged offence dating back to April 2016.

Crown prosecutor Sophie Harburg told the court the alleged offences related to various posts, including using the inspector's initials to instead spell out "arse c--- Smith", images of dead people and referencing his police ID number.

The Queensland weapons licensing officer who made the complaint, Inspector Andrew Smith, was the first witness to take to the stand.

Ms Harburg asked Inspector Smith how he came to find the posts and he claimed he searched for Mr Dyball's name through Google and the Twitter account came up.

A print-out of the posts were presented to the court.

"I used the documents for purposes of a QCAT review and made a complaint to police regarding the matter before the court," Inspector Smith said.

The court was told Inspector Smith, alongside other officers, was responsible for revoking weapons licences and Mr Dyball's licence was revoked in 2015.

Mr Dyball represented himself in court and asked the inspector a series of questions.

They included whether the inspector saw him using a computer, saw him at Elbow Valley or making the alleged Twitter posts on the dates outlined in his charge.

Inspector Smith answered "No".

He also claimed the Twitter posts were made in 2015, not 2016.

"I think it's more 2016 because your licence was not revoked until September 2015 and given that this appears to be dated April 8, that would indicate that it was posted in 2016," Inspector Smith said.

Proceedings are expected to continue on Thursday morning.