Everyday hero attempts to chase bike bandits in thongs

13th September 2017 4:30 PM
This is the place to be, grab my thongs and enjoy walking with me. Each summer day is better when you start with a sunrise. CAPTAIN PLUGGER: Tony, from Coffs Harbour, tried to chase down three bag snatchers on bicycles in his thongs. Rob Wolsley

UNPERTURBED by a lack of speedy footwear, Tony proved Australians will have a go at just about anything.

Wearing thongs, he tried to chase down three bike bandits who allegedly snatched bags from a handful of women at Coffs Creek around noon.

Tony, from Coffs Harbour, said three teenagers were doing the wrong thing when they should have been at school.

"I just saw them taking off with a woman chasing them,” Tony said.

Tony said he chased the teenagers from Dolphin Marine Magic to the Hogbin Dr roundabout but lost them after they took off into bush.

Police were called and an investigation is underway.