A moss-covered turtle in the Gooseponds.
A moss-covered turtle in the Gooseponds. Lance Payne

Ever seen a turtle with a moss mohawk? You have now

HE'S known for spending hours on end waiting for that perfect nature shot, and Lance Payne has done it again. The keen environmentalist and photographer captured some friendly turtles having a snack at Mackay's Gooseponds at the weekend, including the fellow above sporting a hairy green coat on his shell, and a tuft atop his head.

The Gooseponds is a popular location for families, people exercising, cyclists and dog walkers with the large water source surrounded by walking paths that stretch 8km.

The bird life is a big attraction at the Gooseponds, with ducks, geese, ibises, native birds and migrating birds flocking to the waters and shoreline.

The waters are also home to turtles, which join in the feast as people feed the geese and ducks.

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