How not to park.
How not to park.

Epic car park fail in middle of road

AN epic car park fail has enraged road users who have slammed the driver for parking in the middle of a busy New South Wales road over the Easter weekend.

A photograph was taken of the red car parked in a single lane on Lighthouse Drive, Byron Bay and posted to social media earlier today.

"Cars are vacant in the middle of the road ... selfish people," the poster wrote.

The popular tourist route where the car was parked ends with sweeping views of the beachside town and lighthouse perched on top of a cliff. Many holiday-makers who had ventured to the area over the long weekend were left unimpressed as they approached and discovered the illegally parked car was blocking off access to the road in one direction.

How not to park.
How not to park.

One commentator said he later witnessed police putting a ticket on the car. The average cost of a parking tickets issued in the area is $110.

But other locals complained that it was a common issue in the area that was only getting worse as its popularity with tourists soars.

"It happens all the time," one person said.

A local worker said the image was symbolic of "most mornings" in Byron Bay.

"Most of the time it is cars with out-of-state plates and hire cars," he wrote.

"I know I see it on a daily basis. Regardless of where they are from it is irresponsible and selfish behaviour. Blocking all emergency access."

A second photo posted to the same thread shows cars parked on Butler St in a no-parking zone yesterday.

The rears of the vehicles are projecting out onto the road, blocking traffic in one direction.

"How would an emergency vehicle get through if needed?" one person wrote.

There is parking available at various points along the road and for about $10 at the end of it but availability is a growing problem in the area.

Byron Bay Council issued over 1000 fines for a range of offences including illegal parking and camping over the last Christmas and New Year period.