Empowering youth for future employment

MORE than half of the jobs of tomorrow don't exist today and the jobs of today may not be here tomorrow.

We're moving from a time focused on industry and resources into a knowledge era, where ideas and innovation are the main source of economic growth.

Technology and autonomy are taking over traditional roles.

Autonomous trains, driverless dump trucks, drone surveillance and self-checkouts are the start of a changing employment landscape.

Not knowing where the next wave of jobs will come from, our young people need to be more resilient, more creative and more confident than ever.

Two NSW entrepreneurs are leading the way in supporting young people to develop confidence, resilience and an entrepreneurial mindset.


The YEP 11 youth entrepreneur program will kick off in Coffs Harbour on February 18.

With a passion for supporting young people to have the confidence to become whatever they want to be, Cherie Topfer and Crystal McGregor formed YEP Careers and developed the YEP11 youth entrepreneur program and foundation skill resource, My Career Passport.

The program was piloted with Woolgoolga High School, with outstanding results.

The 11-module entrepreneur program supports young people to create a business to solve a problem, based on their passion. The program provides a series of workshops, resources and local mentors.

Participants are supported to develop their ideas, along with job readiness skills and confidence.

The outcome - job ready, confident and resilient young people with the ability to overcome barriers, create opportunities and connect within the local business environment.


The YEP 11 youth entrepreneur program will kick off in Coffs Harbour on Monday, February 18. John Schnobrich

YEP Careers recently received a service agreement with the NSW Government to roll out four programs across the NSW North Coast as part of the Youth Employment Innovation Challenge.

The Youth Employment Innovation Challenge is a $10 million NSW Government program that provides funding to innovative solutions and ideas that help young people find employment in NSW.

The YEP 11 youth entrepreneur program will support young people not in employment, education or training to gain meaningful employment.

The first program will kick off in Coffs Harbour on February 18.

The team is calling for 15-24-year-olds not in employment; young parents; and young people that are disengaged from school to contact YEP Careers to see if they are eligible for a scholarship to attend the program.

For more information click here or contact Cherie Topfer on 0404 041 775 cherie@yep.careers or Crystal McGregor on 0402 716 036 crystal@yep.careers