Never fear, Sheeran fans. More tickets are on their way.
Never fear, Sheeran fans. More tickets are on their way. Antonio Calanni

Ed Sheeran's Aussie promoter says more tickets will be offered

ED Sheeran's Australian promoter is pleading with fans who missed out on tickets to be patient.

Sheeran's three final Australian shows for his March 2018 tour went on sale on Thursday - with Melbourne and Perth selling out and only limited tickets left for Sydney.

Extra tickets released for Brisbane also sold out.

Promoter Michael Gudinski said more tickets for each show would be released next year when the final stage productions at venues are locked in.

"People who are looking for tickets shouldn't panic,” Gudinski said.

"The tour is still a long way off, there'll be more tickets released. They shouldn't resort to sites like Viagogo and Gumtree. All I can ask is for people to be patient.”

After this week's pre-sale, tickets purchased for $165 were selling on the secondary sites for up to $2000.

"Something will be done about that eventually. They're misrepresenting themselves. People that aren't familiar with buying tickets for concerts get duped by it,” Gudinski said.

Sheeran agreed to add the three extra - and final - shows to cater for the immense demand - and try and negate scalpers.

Ed Sheeran poses for a portrait in promotion of his full-length concert feature, \
Ed Sheeran poses for a portrait. Drew Gurian

However Gudinski planned to approach the UK superstar about adding at least another extra show.

"I can't fit an extra show in the itinerary, but I believe there is demand for a fifth Melbourne show and a fourth Sydney show. I will talk to Ed about the possibility of even one extra show but it doesn't look good as it won't fit in the current run.”

Sheeran will play 12 stadium shows in Australia and six in New Zealand.

Between days off, and transporting his stage between stages, the logistics make adding more shows complicated.

As it stands, Sheeran has sold over 950,000 tickets for Australia and New Zealand, beating a record set by Dire Straits in 1986.

"It's the most incredible response, it's going to be the biggest tour of all time in Australia and New Zealand attendance wise. Ed has worked this market so well from the start.

"There's no precedent for this type of thing. Ed is an absolute phenomenon. Very few artists, after three albums, have such a wide appeal. If you're looking at who are going to be the next career artists, certainly Ed Sheeran and Adele have led the way.”

After the New Zealand tour ends, Sheeran will tour the US and UK again, playing stadiums the same size, or bigger, than Australia.