The Pacific Hwy at Urunga has been voted the worst in NSW by motorists who took part in an NRMA survey.
The Pacific Hwy at Urunga has been voted the worst in NSW by motorists who took part in an NRMA survey.

Drivers vote Pacific Hwy the worst

IT'S something that motorists have known for a long time but now it's official.

The Pacific Highway at Urunga has been voted the worst road on the North Coast.

This result has come from the NRMA's Seeing Red on Roads campaign which is Australia's largest road survey.

Motorists on the North Coast flagged the Pacific Highway as the most frustrating road in the region for the second year in a row.

They also listed poor road surface, narrow lanes and not enough lanes and traffic as their biggest concerns with local roads.

The Bucketts Way at Allworth and Wallanbah Road at Nabiac were voted second and third worst roads on the North Coast.

The Pacific Highway not only topped the list as the worst road on the North Coast but was also voted the worst road in NSW.

More than 15,000 motorists responded to the Seeing Red survey this year flagging thousands of frustrating roads and highways that are underfunded or unsafe.

NRMA Motoring & Services President Wendy Machin said the Seeing Red survey results showed that drivers were becoming increasingly frustrated with the condition of North Coast roads.

"North Coast motorists have made it quite clear through this year's Seeing Red survey that they have had enough of driving on roads that are poor quality, have restricted visibility or not enough lanes," Ms Machin said.

"Thousands of motorists have taken this opportunity to voice their frustration about the quality of roads and we urge all levels of government to listen.

"I don't think anyone would be surprised that the Pacific Highway has again been voted the state's worst road - it's just another reason why both governments must work together to finish the upgrade by 2016.

"Nobody denies the enormous task at hand to tackle NSW infrastructure needs but we need a plan that sets timeframes and priorities for building roads and makes it clear how they will be funded."
The five worst roads in the North Coast were:
1. Pacific Hwy at Urunga
2. Bucketts Way at Allworth
3. Wallanbah Rd at Nabiac
4. The Lakes Way at Rainbow Flat
5. Bangalow Rd at Binna Burra