Doof party in National Park halted by police

POLICE broke up yet another illegal doof party attended by 40 people in Byron Bay on Saturday night.

Numerous phone calls tipped police off to the doof which was in Arakwal National Park, Tallow's Beach at Byron Bay.

Police attended the National Park and found 40 party goers in the area.

One was identified as the party organiser and had supplied the equipment for the entertainment/music.

The equipment was seized by police and the party shut down.

Formal action will be taken against the man who organised the party.

Unfortunately, a police officer was injured while attempting to access the location and as a result received stitches to his head.

Police warn those organising illegal doofs, or attending such events in the Byron Bay area, should be respectful of the local community and be mindful of the disruption the noise has on others in the vicinity.

Police with the assistance of National Parks and wildlife will issue process against persons involved in the organising of events.