'Don't like this country, why the f*** did you come?'

A MUSLIM has launched into an expletive-laden tirade against ISIS terrorists and those trying to impose Sharia law on the West.

'If you don't like this country, why the f*** did you come?','' the video, which has gone viral, begins.

The video has been widely shared online after gunmen murdered 129 people in Paris in a wave of terror attacks in Paris.

It is not clear when or where the video was made.

The Daily Mail reports that the unnamed man, believed to live in the UK, tells the camera: 'The question is, do you have the right to kill? F*** you, you don't.

'If you don't like this country, why the f*** do you come? If you do not have respect for this country, why the f*** do you come?

'You came, you know why, because you believed the judiciary here gives you protection, because the laws here give you protection, because the economy here makes you flourish. Why the f*** did you come otherwise?

'If you do not have the guts to digest whatever you are seeing, f**k off, leave.'

He adds: 'What does your religion, our religion, my religion Islam teach us? Islam teaches you to be tolerant and to respect other people's faiths.

'But if their views do not respect what are you going to do, go and shoot in this 21st century? No you cannot do that. You have to accept that in these countries, Islamic law does not rule.

'If you want to win the hearts and minds of the people in your views, go and preach. You do not f*****g shoot people to believe in whatever you are or I am believing - correct?

He urged Muslims to use courts and proper means, as well as love, reason and logic.

"You do not have the right to impose any one-sided views on others.''

WARNING: Video contains extreme language