Does this prove we're winning the war on terror?

AUSTRALIA has been listed equal third in a ranking of IS-linked terror plots against Western nations.

A report from the US Homeland Security Committee ranked Australia as having the third highest number of IS-linked plots since 2014, ahead of Belgium, German, Spain, Canada and Italy.

Australia and the United Kingdom came in equal third with eight plots recorded each, behind the USA with 41 and France with 20.

The report detailed IS-linked plots against various Western countries since 2014 but most of Australia's incidents were about arrests police had made before attacks had taken place.

The report detailed two incidents where an attack was carried out in Australia, including in September 2014 when two police officers were stabbed by an IS-inspired teen.

It also included the Lindt Cafe siege when 17 people were taken hostage and three people died, including the attacker.

But the report also listed arrests police had made, including when an 18-year-old was arrested in May over plans to launch an attack in Sydney. In April a teenager was also arrested for trying to purchase a firearm to conduct a terror attack on Anzac Day.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the report confirmed what Australia already knew; that IS was keen to target Australia. But he said no country was better prepared to deal with the terrorism threat.

The report about the IS-linked plots against the West said the plots had a growing and alarmingly high success rate, with 44% carried out and 56% disrupted across the world.

In 2015 IS operatives managed to pull off 31% of attempted plots compared to 44% so far this year.