A sea snake was spotted at Bargara.
A sea snake was spotted at Bargara. Geordie Beckhouse

DICE WITH DEATH: Stranded sea snake becomes dog's play thing

A WALK along Bargara Beach quickly turned into a dangerous dice with death when a man's dog found a stranded sea snake and started playing with it.

Bargara resident Geordie Beckhouse told the NewsMail he was walking his dog on Tuesday morning when he, his partner Rachel Gimm and their dog came across a washed up sea snake.

"He (the dog) sort of ran over there and all of a sudden he was mucking around with it," Mr Beckhouse said.

"He was playing with it and sniffing it. It was alive."

After going back and getting the dog, the sea snake lifted its head and started moving around, albeit very slowly.

"He wasn't going anywhere. He was still there when we left," Mr Beckhouse said.

"He was moving really slow as they tend to do on land, but they're pretty fierce in water.

"We rang a snake catcher who said to stay away from it."

The scary sighting comes a week after a trawler fisherman was killed by a sea snake off the Northern Territory coast.

It is believed 23-year-old Harry Evans was the first person to die from a sea snake bite in Australia in 80 years.

Mr Beckhouse told the NewsMail Tuesday's spotting wasn't the first time he'd come across a beached sea snake.

"There was one up at Archies Beach ... They're starting to come out a fair bit," he said.

Sea snakes have flat heads to help them move through water. They are clumsy and slow when moving on land and their venom is more toxic than that of a Mojave rattlesnake and a king cobra.