The Aanuka Beach Resort.
The Aanuka Beach Resort. Rebeccalynne Photography

Development plans for Coffs Harbour resort

Letters to the Editor

AANUKA Beach Resort is a gem.

Treasured by guests and locals alike for its environmentally sensitive design, it has nestled behind Diggers Beach, almost invisible, for decades.

Why should the foreign company now want to ruin Aanuka's character by building a four storey hotel, which will stand high above the tree line and dominate the resort.

It will also be visible right along Diggers Beach.

If this development is allowed, it will degrade the coastline and the Coffs Coastal Park forever.

If our worthy councillors let this one through, what's next: the burres and apartments being replaced by four-storey townhouses popping up like pimples along half the length of Diggers Beach?

Please save Diggers Beach.

Ian Tonkin


National Parks Dean Egan walks in a couple of rat traps on Muttonbird Island.

Pic Rob Wright
WIRES has called on Coffs Coast residents to consider trapping vermin instead of using poison. Here NPWS installs a trap on Muttonbird Island. Rob Wright

Baits take a toll on native wildlife

DURING the winter months we see an increase in rat and mice bait poisonings mainly in brushtail possums, which results in a slow death for these poor animals. 

They slowly bleed to death due to the active ingredient breaking down the clotting factor in their blood.

Jenny Eather, Mid North Coast WIRES


Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin off Coffs harbours south wall.. 24 JULY 2018
Sea Shepherd's M/Y Steve Irwin pictured off Coffs Harbour's south wall last week. Trevor Veale

Sea Shepherd's visit to Coffs Harbour

WOW, what a beautiful and powerful presentation of our commitment to, Stop Adani and the opening up of the Galilee coal basin, to save the reef and our planet from catastrophic climate change.

Go Sea Shepherd, we love you. #StopAdani #Renewables  

Brian Mahony


CSI (Club Services Ipswich) poker machine gaming area.
Poker machines continue to impact on the lives of some. David Nielsen

City should make a stand against pokies

EITHER by anecdotal evidence or via personal experience (sadly increasingly common), you will be aware that the scourge of poker machine gambling continues to wreak havoc with families and communities across Australia.

There was a time that the 'one-armed bandits' were seen as a social release, almost a recreational pastime: the losses were small, and the wins were enough to shout a round of drinks.

It was all rather harmless, rather benign.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone, and the whole community has to face the real damage of shattered careers, families and lives, as a result of people suffering a poker machine gambling addiction.

And like so many other social ills, this is not a case of a victim in isolation: like the stone in the pool, the damage spreads to so many others.

Over the years, as we have seen this become a social disease, I had thought that local communities could do little to slow this insidious advance.

Dealing with bodies such as Clubs NSW or the AHA or any State Government would be just an exercise in futility, and so we choose to do nothing, and the problem lives on, deep in the 'too hard' basket.

But it seems there is a new way to make a more practical local protest, and it comes through local government.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform is now providing support to local government in their efforts to institute gambling harm reduction policies.

In NSW, Northern Beaches Council (Sydney) and Byron Bay are two councils beginning to take such action; in Victoria, nearly 20 councils have signed on in an attempt to help their constituents.

Here is a chance for Coffs Harbour City Council to get into the vanguard of a socially progressive movement, an effort to improve the social conditions of our city.

Unlike the NSW State Government, which is almost beholden to the 'clubs and pubs' industry, and as such refuses to take any responsible action to curb this disease, Coffs Harbour City Council would appear to have no such conflict of interest, and as such, is in the perfect position to take on a leadership role.

In the interests of our city, I urge you to give this serious consideration.

In hope.

Phil Crofts


Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin off Coffs harbours south wall.. 24 JULY 2018
Sea Shepherd's M/Y Steve Irwin off Coffs Harbour's south wall last week. Trevor Veale

Tourism industry, Adani and the Sea Shepherd.

WE are in the middle of the fight of our times.

We have the biggest thermal coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere still trying to open up after seven years of setbacks from environmental, social and financial.

Adani's mine is a threat to our Iconic Great Barrier Reef, Tourism industry and the Great Artesian Basin the biggest underground aquifer in the world.

Adani propose to take billions of litres of our fresh water each year for a dirty outdated technology.

We have the technologies to transition to clean renewable energy we just lack the social and political will.

The world's scientific community have been warning us for decades to transition to a low carbon economy if we want our children and grandchildren to have a safe climate we all had the privilege of.

Adani has already contaminated our beautiful Caley Valley wetlands and are known for environmental destruction all over the planet.

We have 69,000 sustainable jobs at risk that rely on a healthy reef.

Our water security is at risk and our farmers are concerned.

Adani's rail line will cut through 60 properties.

Australia in an unprecedented drought we need to protect and preserve this water for farming and future generations.

We can't allow 500 more coal ships through the Great Barrier Reef each year.

Every Australian should be outraged.

You know when the Sea Shepherd gets on board our natural world is being threatened.

If this coal mine goes ahead it's our children and grandchildren that will truly suffer.

Tina Llewellyn  

Smart Berries in Mundubbera are gearing up for their busiest period.
Readers have asked about chemicals and pesticide spray being used on Coffs Coast blueberry crops. Felicity Ripper

Pesticides in farming

IN 2015 the United Nations Food and Beverage organisation did stringent testing on the pesticide Dimethoate and found it to be harmful to humans and it killed bees.  

Dimethoate pesticide is sprayed on blue berry farms and in close proximity to rural urban households, schools and preschools.

The Federal Government in 2018 stated dimethoate is being withdrawn from all garden household products and by Christmas 2018 totally banned and unavailable for home garden use due to toxicity, but apparently still permitted for use by blue berry growers.

The Federal Government issued a fact sheet in 2017 regarding regulations for blue berry farms, which states that blueberry growers should avoid sites in close proximity to neighbours and it was of paramount importance to have vegetated buffer zones between areas sprayed with pesticides close to neighbouring properties and other sensitive locations. 

The government fact sheet also states councils have the authority to ensure compliance with land use regulations.

Self regulation by blue berry farmers is well intentioned but will not remove the problem, which already exists where there are no vegetated buffer zones and farms are in too close a proximity to neighbouring properties, schools and other sensitive locations including water ways.

Every resident in Coffs Harbour has the right to live in a healthy and safe environment and it is up to our authorities to ensure regulations set out in government fact sheets are implemented.

G. Sutherland


Portrait of smiling owner standing at his restaurant gate with open signboard. Young entrepreneur leaning at the cafeteria door and looking at camera. Chef or waiter standing in front of coffee shop.
Cafe worker penalty rates have come into effect. Ridofranz

Penalty rate travesty

CREDIT must go to all the hardworking residents of the Northern Coast, (and elsewhere) who battle week after week, some in an endless cycle of renting, some in an endless cycle of mortgage repayments, many struggling with multiple jobs often involving weekend and shift work to keep their families functioning.

On behalf of all those Aussie battlers who keep this great country ticking over, I would like to thank our two local National Party Federal Government MPs Kevin Hogan and Luke Hartsuyker for their continuing support in reducing their penalty rates yet again.

From the 1 July 2018 retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy workers had their penalty rates cut by between 15 and 10%, now I don't think for a minute these affected workers need any reminding of this travesty but I think Kevin, Luke and especially their boss Malcolm certainly do.

And I wonder what our esteemed PM would say to the staff in those coffee shops when he drops in for one of his usual publicity stunts singing the praises of giving away an $80 billion handout to big business?

If they complain would he just tell them to get a better job?

It's quite obvious Malcolm and his privileged Coalition cronies would have no idea what life is like on struggle street and never will, if the tenure of this Government is not terminated at the next election, these appalling attacks on Australian workers will only continue, it's like 'Work Choices" by stealth.

Keith Duncan