ON A scorching afternoon outside the Gailes shops three years ago, Lance Mollenhauer saw something that made his blood boil.

He'd thought it strange to see a man dressed from tip to toe on such a hot day, and his suspicions were confirmed a few moments later, when he looked inside the chemist to see the same man pointing a gun at a staff member's head.

While the 49-year-old's actions from this point on would see him become something of a hero - there was a substantial flipside.

In the process of trying to stop the armed robber on Old Logan Rd, Mr Mollenhauer was shot in the back of the leg, with the bullet stopping somewhere inside his buttock.

"To tell you the truth, I've had strained hamstrings on the footy field that are more painful than a bullet in the backside - I kid you not," Mr Mollenhauer said.

"At the time, I yelled out to (a bystander), 'mate I've done my hammy', and he replied, 'no, he's just shot you'.

"So that's what it feels like."

Lance Mollenhauer was shot when he came to to aid of a shop attendant a the Gailes Pharmacy.
Lance Mollenhauer was shot when he came to to aid of a shop attendant a the Gailes Pharmacy. Rob Williams

Duy Quoc Le, 27, of Runcorn, was charged with armed robbery with violence, grievous bodily harm and weapons charges yesterday, capping off an investigation that spanned three years.

Now fully recovered, Mr Mollenhauer said he had no regrets about his actions back on September 19, 2012, even though he wouldn't recommend it to others.

"He had the gun pointed right at the lady's head, and I just saw red," Mr Mollenhauer said.

"How do I feel about it now? Well, I wouldn't make a habit of doing it.

"But I saw a picture of my mum and dad at their shop up at Esk and a black and white of my uncle on the Kokoda Track and thought that's it, I'm going to coat-hanger this bloke and bash his brains into the ground and hold him down for the coppers."

Mr Mollenhauer said he was grateful for the work of the police in charge of the investigation over the last few years.

The investigation was headed by former Ipswich CIB and current Brisbane Organised Crime Investigation Unit Detective Senior Constable Paul Malcolm.

The piece of evidence that broke the case open arrived when detectives at Dutton Park CIB allegedly matched a .32 handgun seized during a raid with casings taken from the Gailes crime scene.

"There were a number of covert strategies utilised along the way but we finally got there and it's a great result for us and for members of the public," Sen Const Malcolm said.

"We've had a look through our systems and we can't find any members of the public who have been wounded by gunshot through this sort of incident in the last 10 years. We can't encourage people to take matters into their own hands, but my hat goes off to Lance. He was very brave in what he did and there wouldn't be too many others who would do it, especially after a shot was already fired inside the chemist."

Le faced Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday, where he was remanded in custody to appear again on April 15.