Deputy Mayor Tegan Swan working from home and schooling her children Tasman (5), Evelyn (2) and Lincoln (9).
Deputy Mayor Tegan Swan working from home and schooling her children Tasman (5), Evelyn (2) and Lincoln (9).

Deputy lays it on the line as elections pushed back

FOR Deputy Mayor Tegan Swan it doesn't matter if the elections are held this year or next.

"I was definitely going to run in September this year; it means absolutely nothing to me if it is this September or next, the more important thing right now is that the community has consistency and that we do everything we can to get our community through this in the most connected way as possible and this is our job," Cr Swan said.

"The government has made a good choice to postpone the elections and keep consistency so we can focus on getting through this."

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Late last week the NSW Government announced it would postpone the September 2020 local government elections for 12 months to September 2021 in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

She understands the difficulty for older Councillors and Mayors who may have been planning to retire.

"For them it has a bigger impact and that's fair enough and they're probably getting closer to calling it a day and they've been doing it a lot longer than I have, and that's fair enough.

"It's a big commitment and we're paid absolutely dismally, so it's a job people do for love, and some may have made a financial commitment or sacrifice specifically for four years."

The postponement of the next election means current Councillors will serve five years but it won't change the future schedule with the subsequent election proceeding in September 2024.

Clr Swan was re-elected to the position of deputy in September last year after a four:four split vote led to a random draw.

The only other contender was Cr Michael Adendorff (nominated by George Cecato and seconded by Mayor Denise Knight).

When the anonymous vote resulted in a tie it was then left to chance with Cr Swan's name drawn randomly by General Manager Steve McGrath.

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Clr Swan has three small children and is trying to adjust to the new way of life, working from home and schooling them.

"I'm trying to do all right things and not become an alcoholic and crazy in the process.

"But I have to give a huge shoutout to the staff of Mullaway Primary School - they are doing an incredible job with the online learning."

Her fellow Councillors had one of their first 'virtual' briefings this week.

"It was a bit of a fail with microphones not working and the usual camera focused up a nostril here and there but we'll get there.

"I work with such a great bunch of Councillors - all taking it in their stride and not focusing on themselves."