Army personnel on parade.
Army personnel on parade. Claudia Baxter

Defence workers condemn pay offer

DEFENCE force workers, including those being sent to Iraq to help fight Islamic State, have condemned a below-inflation pay rise offer from the government.

The offer was cemented on Monday by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal at 1.5% each year for three years, after senior government frontbenchers indicated earlier this year the government could not extend a bigger pay rise to Defence staff.

But the Defence Force Welfare Association, which represents ADF personnel in such disputes, has "condemned" the offer and vowed to fight for a better deal.

DFWA national president David Jamison said the offer was a "strange way" to reward staff for their hard work "especially as the government has just dispatched a new contingent to the ongoing Middle East conflicts".

While Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert said on Monday the government could not offer more, he also disputed Labor's claims the increase was a "pay cut" when compared to inflation.

Mr Jamison said the association would keep fighting for a larger wage increase, in line with the "employee living cost index", not just inflation.

He said anything less represented a "pay cut which ADF members should not be expected to accept".