• 19-year-old male killed in a collision at Tyndale
  • Northbound Toyota Camry sideswiped by Holden Commodore
  • Camry remained in southbound lane where B-Double collided with it
  • Impact led to the death of single occupant of Camry
  • Man, 47, and son, 14, in Commodore taken to hospital for non-life-threatening injuries
  • Male truck driver, 52, uninjured and taken to Grafton Base Hospital for mandatory blood and urine tests

LAST night's tragedy on the Pacific Highway at Tyndale is sadly the latest in a long line of fatalities on the notorious stretch of single-lane highway between Ulmarra and Maclean.

Last year local residents, survivors, emergency personnel and families of victims commemorated 25 years since the Cowper bus crash in which 22 people died.

A memorial plaque unveiled at the 20th anniversary of the Cowper bus crash.
A memorial plaque unveiled at the 20th anniversary of the Cowper bus crash. Adam Hourigan

The horrifying pictures from that terrible scene on October 20, 1989 shot around the world. The coroner called for the Pacific Highway upgrade from Sydney to Brisbane from single lane to dual lane in the next five years.

A quarter of a century later that recommendation is still to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, head-on collisions have been all too common.

In July, 2014, Tyndale residents won a minor victory after years of campaigning to have the speed limit reduced from 100kmh to 80kmh.

However, more lives continue to be lost.

Pacific Highway upgrades are finally under way in the Clarence Valley and when its construction is complete we should finally see a reduction in head-on collisions on this stretch of road.

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While the Clarence Valley was the scene of the Cowper Bus Crash which prompted the first major action for Pacific Highway upgrades, it will be one of the last regions to have dual carriage way when works are completed, which is currently estimated to be before 2020.

Until then motorists must be urged to continue to exercise extreme caution and vigilance on this stretch of road.