BREAKING: Dashcam footage has captured the moment a P-plate driver narrowly avoids a potentially fatal situation on the Toowoomba Range.

Toni Brennan's dash cam captured the terrifying moment the Ford sedan cuts on the inside of her 4WD driving up the Toowoomba Range recently.

The clear footage shows Ms Brennan lawfully move into the right lane to overtake a slow-moving truck climbing the Range.

What you can't see is the Ford sedan gaining behind Ms Brennan.

"I could see this car in the distance coming up the Range at high speed in my mirror so I knew I needed to get out of its road," Ms Brennan explained on YouTube.

"So after I got past the truck I indicated and started moving into the left lane so he had the right lane to himself.

"What he did next just surprised us all."

The P-plater cuts inside Ms Brennan on the left-hand side, narrowly missing her vehicle and cutting in front of the truck which she had just overtaken.

"We were all very amazed we didn't hit each other," she said.

"I guess this person did not know how to use their brakes, only the accelerator."

Ms Brennan said the Ford must have been travelling at speed to catch her that quickly.

"We were all pretty calm about it but I think the driver and anyone else who was in the silver car may have needed to check their underpants," she said.

"There you go - speed can kill.

"We were all lucky this day."