CAMERA POLICY: The heated indoor pool at the Gympie Aquatic Centre.
CAMERA POLICY: The heated indoor pool at the Gympie Aquatic Centre. Jacob Carson

Dad told no mobile phones allowed at aquatic centre

A GYMPIE father who had taken his three-year-old son for swimming lessons at the new aquatic centre this week said he was trying to steady his son's behaviour before his lesson by letting him play the Angry Birds game on his phone when a lifeguard approached him.

"He said to me 'Are you aware of our mobile phone policy?

"I told him no I wasn't. He then said the policy at the aquatic centre was that people were not allowed to have their mobile phones out while at the complex."

Gympie ARC (Belgravia Leisure) manager Courtney Murphy said yesterday the policy was about cameras, rather than mobile phones.

"The intention of Gympie ARC's camera and mobile phone policy is to prohibit the misuse of cameras (including miniature cameras built into mobile phones) for the privacy and comfort of all visitors," Ms Murphy said.

"It is not our intention to prohibit the use of mobile phones.

"We take community safety and privacy seriously and commend our staff for upholding this value.

" However, we apologise to anyone who has been offended, and we will re-educate our staff accordingly.

"We are currently in the process of installing signage about camera use to better communicate our visitors' rights and responsibilities when it comes to mobile phone and camera use," Ms Murphy said.