Cuteness overload: Dreamworld’s baby koalas take first steps

THIS could well be the cutest thing you will see in months.

To the delight of park visitors, ten koala joeys born last year at Dreamworld have been leaving the safety of their mothers' pouches and taking their first baby steps.

The adorable balls of fur began setting out on their own about a month ago, and have proved a huge hit with families visiting the park over the school holidays.

They are among 61 koalas which are part of the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation's wild koala conservation program.

The joeys are among 61 koalas at the park.
The joeys are among 61 koalas at the park.

The koala joeys are not the only baby animals causing excitement at Dreamworld this year.

Rare bilby triplets were born at the park three months ago.

The trio will become part of Dreamworld's collaboration with the Save The Bilby Fund's release program, which aims to save the bilby from extinction.