Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon.
Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon.

‘Cult leader’ ordered to pay blogger’s costs

UNIVERSAL Medicine founder Serge Benhayon will have to pay blogger Esther Rockett costs on an indemnity basis.

Judge Julia Lonergan has today handed down her final judgments on the failed defamation case Mr Benhayon brought against Ms Rockett, a former client.

During the trial, the Supreme Court jury found Mr Benhayon was "the leader of a socially harmful cult".

Judge Lonergan has ordered Mr Benhayon to "pay the defendant's costs of and incidental to the proceedings on an indemnity basis".

She has dismissed an application for Ms Rockett to be able to use documents discovered during the case to lobby regulatory bodies for potential action against UM.

The matter will return to court in March for submissions on a further issue.

Judge Lonergan said on March 6, she would receive submissions "as to why I should not refer Universal Law to the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner for investigation in respect of the conduct raised (in the case)."

More to come.