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Criminals and drunks: we're proud to call them family

IN AUSTRALIA we don't mind being related to people who are a little...different.   

Research reveals Australians are prouder of the 'dubious' relatives in their past than people in the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Germany and Sweeden.   

Ancestry's recent Global Family History Report found that we are more likely to be proud of an ancestor who was a thief, criminal, drunkard or even married their own cousin than any of the other countries surveyed.   

The appearance of a "black sheep" in the family, most commonly defined as someone who exhibits a lifestyle or belief system of which their family disapproved, is also more common in Australian families with 47% of people admitting their family had one.   

The types of ancestors most often found in an Aussie family tree include WWII veterans (50%), an immigrant from another country (48%) and WWI veterans (33%).  

This Australia Day long weekend, Ancestry is opening their archives for free to the public to find our their Australian story.