Curtains keep the cold out and the heat in.
Curtains keep the cold out and the heat in. iStock

Create the High Cosy effect for winter

Many years ago when I lived through genuinely cold winters in London, my fellow Australian mates and I would gather together for what we called "High Cosy” evenings. That is, a cosy night in - but with style. I especially lucked out and lived in an amazing house in Chelsea and I styled my home to celebrate the cold, rather than deny it.

Here are some tips to create the High Cosy effect in your home:


As anyone who has lived in London knows, you can't have genuine fires to keep you warm. But set into original fireplaces in the home I lived, we had those attractive faux fires that ensured my place was popular because it was warm, with the added ambience of a 'fire'. There are so many versions of this style of heating - and for atmosphere, they're brilliant.


I learnt to love curtains in London, especially the lush velvet ones that spill onto the floor. But of course they were also practical - as are any window dressings designed to keep the cold out and the heat in. A simple door snake in a stylish fabric can also work wonders keeping any cool air from creeping into your home under doors.


I swear by old-fashioned hot water bottles. They warm you almost instantly, cost virtually nothing, plus there's some gorgeous hot water bottle covers now in cosy fabrics such as cashmere. I have several and it's great to be able to offer one to a guest when it's cold.