DRIVING past the scene of a fatal crash brought Lyn Bayfield to tears as memories of her own incident came flooding back.

The similarities between Wednesday afternoon's tragedy at Eumundi and her 2012 crash made her emotional and angry that carnage was still occurring.

Mrs Bayfield has lived with husband Barry at their Don Napier Rd home for the past 25 years.

Their lives changed markedly on February 15, 2012, when Mrs Bayfield was hit from behind while she waited to turn right from Eumundi Noosa Rd into Don Napier Rd.

Eumundi resident Lyn Bayfield inspects the wreck of her car that was involved in a crash at the intersection of Eumundi Noosa Rd and Don Napier Rd in February 2012.
Eumundi resident Lyn Bayfield inspects the wreck of her car that was involved in a crash at the intersection of Eumundi Noosa Rd and Don Napier Rd in February 2012. Stuart Cumming

She had just dropped her grandson Michael at school and was returning home.

It was about 9am.

She noticed the car coming up behind her.

"I watched him all the way from the roundabout and he didn't seem to slow," Mrs Bayfield said.

"I thought 'holy hell, this guy is not going to stop'."

She took her foot off the brake when the car got to about 20m away in a last second attempt to avoid being hit.

"By the time I got my foot on the accelerator he hit me.

"I watched him hit me.

"I've still got that nightmare in my head."

Her car was pushed onto the wrong side of the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

She could see the whites of the oncoming driver's eyes as he headed towards her driver's side door.

"I saw him in that split second react and turn his car to miss me."

Mrs Bayfield believes the car missed her by centimetres.

"The worst thing was watching that car coming at me."

She attributed her survival to his quick reaction and skill.

"Whoever it was I owe them my life."

Mrs Bayfield's injuries were not fatal but they have significantly changed her life.

The former upholsterer is now on a disability pension after severe whiplash rendered her unable to work.

She said migraines and seizures were a common consequence of her injury.

Driving is an issue for her, having been panicked by approaching cars when stopped at other intersections.

"This is what people don't understand.

"It is not just the accident, it is forever."

Her wrecked car remains behind her home, now rusting and covered in other yard items.

Learning about the circumstances of Wednesday's fatal crash brought her grief to the fore.

Mrs Bayfield had heard the sirens of emergency services and driven past the scene with her husband when heading in to Eumundi that night.

She said she had been in contact with the Department of Transport and Main Roads after her crash to ask them to improve safety at the intersection.

"They need to do something to address that whole situation.

"I said to them, 'someone will be killed' and it's just happened."

She suggested lowering the speed on Eumundi Noosa Rd from 80kmh, creating a designated right turn lane or a ban on right turns into Don Napier Rd altogether with vehicles to go up around a nearby roundabout and return from the opposite direction.

The manager of the Eumundi Golf Park, who did not want to be named, said he used the intersection most days.

He believed speeding drivers who had just come off the 110kmh section of the Bruce Hwy were a problem.

"I get it every night going home," the man said.

"People tailgating me."

A Department of Main Roads and Transport spokeswoman said every death or serious injury on the road was one too many and road safety was the department's first priority.

"While there are no current plans to upgrade the intersection of Don Napier Rd and Eumundi-Noosa Rd, Transport and Main Roads officers are undertaking an assessment to determine if any safety improvements can be made," the spokeswoman said.

"Priorities for intersection upgrades are determined by considering several factors such as crash history, traffic volumes, road conditions and visibility."

She said the intersection had a low crash history, with records showing only two previous crashes causing injury in the past 10 years, before Wednesday's crash. 

"The intersection of Don Napier Rd with Eumundi Noosa Road is located along a straight section of road. 

"There is very good sight lines for traffic on Eumundi Noosa Rd approaching the intersection. 

The spokeswoman said the department had recently installed high standard "Don Napier Road" advance intersection signage on both approaches to the intersection. 

"This signage helps to reinforce to through traffic of the approaching intersection and potential for motorists to be slowing to turn into the side street."

She said stretch of Eumundi-Noosa Rd that included the intersection was currently undergoing a speed limit review.

"The review area extends from just north of the roundabout at Strawberry Lane to the northern Eumundi roundabout.

"The results of this review will be known by the end of 2016."