LONG LOVE: Rockhampton residents Lawrence and Margaret Percy celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary today.
LONG LOVE: Rockhampton residents Lawrence and Margaret Percy celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary today. Chris Ison

CQ couple share the secret to staying married for 60 years

THERE'S secrets to be learnt from the Percy household.

In the modern age where marriages come and go like the passing of fads, Lawrence and Margaret Percy's marriage has stood the test of six decades.

The loving yet feisty couple, recently visited The Morning Bulletin to share a few of their secrets to marital longevity.

"It takes a lot of hard work but we get on really well and do things together, we go to the gym," Margaret said.

Lawrie said it was their natural compatibility and having the same interests that was the key.

"You've got to have a sense of humour as well," he said.

"Definitely," Margaret confirmed.

They also encourage each other's personal interests and hobbies with Lawrie spending a lot of time on the golf course and Margaret enjoying sewing classes.

They are living testaments to a bygone era in Gunnedah, NSW in 1957 when the words "until death do you part" actually meant just that.

It was a remarkable marriage in that Lawrence became the first of three brothers and Margaret became the first of three sisters to eventually marry each other.


LONG LOVE: Lawrence and Margaret Percy celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary today.
GUNNADAH WEDDING: Diane Finlay (left), Tony Percy, Noreen Singleton, Lawrence Percy (groom), Margaret Singleton (bride), Les Singleton (bride's father) and Beatrice Percy. Chris Ison

"We all went to school together and in a country town we did the same things and moved in the same circles," Lawrie said.

Margaret worked as a telephonist in the local post office exchange and Lawrence served in the army completing tours of duty in Korea and Malaya before returning home to become a Commonwealth meat inspector.

The couple, now both aged 83, moved to Rockhampton 1976 with their two children Lorraine, 59 and Matthew, 55, before retiring 22 years ago.

The Park Avenue residents now reside in the independent living Oak Tree Lifestyle Village.

"We don't have anybody looking after us, we're not up to that stage yet," Margaret said with a laugh.

They couldn't wait to celebrate the anniversary by catching up with the family over a nice meal.

"Our son, daughter and son-in-law (Tony) and grand daughter (Lucy) will be up the day after Boxing Day, and we'll all have lunch together somewhere," Lawrie said.

"We haven't booked yet but we're hoping to get into the Central Park Motel Jo's Restaurant.

They might know a thing or two about knowing the best place to eat having spent over 20 years volunteering at the Rockhampton Tourist Information Centre at Customs House making recommendations about things to do and places to visit throughout Central Queensland.

"That was overseas visitors, interstate visitors..." Lawrie said.

"We tell them where to go," Margaret giggled.

"Thousands of them you know, back packers wanting to go to Keppel Island and the coast," Lawrie said.

"A big feature was the Heritage Walk right along Quay Street, all those (buildings) along the river are heritage listed and each has got a plaque on them," Lawrie said.

"It tells you who the original owners were, what year it was built, et cetera, et cetera."

The loving couple say they hope to enjoy many more years of good health in each other's company.