John Williamson's verses titled 'What Have You Done to Grafton?
John Williamson's verses titled 'What Have You Done to Grafton?"

Country star writes special verse for Grafton

Country legend John Williamson has penned three verses as his response to the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

Titled "What have you done to Grafton?", the verses have been shared from his Facebook more than 3000 times, and have attracted widespread praise from both local residents and other commenters.

The lyrics are below.


What have you done to Grafton, your beautiful bushy town?

Where flowers of Jacaranda are gently laying down.

Where Diggers were born and died so we could live in peace

What have you done to Grafton?


The answer to your menace, is not what you would dream

Flowers of love have blossomed. That's what the world has seen

What you're holding onto has no light, it's dark extreme

What is the mankind you in your mirror

What kind of world exists in your mind?


And what have you done to the Kiwis? Our Pacific family?

That peaceful place on earth that you shattered with your spree

You have chosen darkness and we wish it all on you

The Silver Fern won't comfort you, nor will the Kangaroo.