POLL: Will Australia vote yes or no?
POLL: Will Australia vote yes or no? Trevor Veale

Countdown is on for same-sex marriage result

IT'S the controversial topic that's been making national headlines for the past few months, and it's all culminating to the definitive moment on Wednesday when the results of the same-sex marriage survey are broadcast around the nation.

Polls have shown the number of those for and those against same-sex marriage are almost neck and neck. In September, a poll found only just over half the population of the Cowper electorate, 55%, supports same sex marriage.

The Coffs Coast Advocate then conducted its own poll, revealing 60% of readers support same sex marriage, and 39% were against it.

The head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Statistician David W Kalisch, will release the official results from the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey at 10am, and it will be broadcast live online and on major television networks.

Detailed results will then be published on the Australia Marriage Law Postal Survey website.

If it's a 'yes', the Federal Government says it will introduce a private members' bill by the end of the year.

What do you think will be the result from the same-sex marriage survey?

This poll ended on 14 November 2017.

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