The Jetty Action is reminding residents opposed to the Jetty4Foreshores plan to lodge their submissions.
The Jetty Action is reminding residents opposed to the Jetty4Foreshores plan to lodge their submissions.

Jetty Action Group calls for opposition to Jetty4Shores plan

THE Jetty Action Group, which is opposing what it claims are plans for tourism accommodation on the Jetty Foreshores, wants concerned members of the community to make submissions to the Jetty4Shores Concept Plan to prevent this, before the closing date for submissions on August 9.

The $15 million Jetty4Shores Plan, which covers only the area from the Yacht Club to the TS Vendetta and west to the railway line, envisages tourist accommodation and a kiosk in an area near the present Coffs Harbour Yacht Club and a restaurant development on the site of the present TS Vendetta sea cadets building near the hardwood jetty.

The council does not currently have $15 million, but is asking members of the public to nominate which parts of the Concept Plan they want carried out first, so any available funds can be allocated accordingly.

The Jetty Action Group, which has consistently campaigned for the Jetty Foreshores to be retained for purely public use, is circulating a flyer asking residents and visitors to support preservation of the Foreshores and for money to be spent only on improvements such as sun-protected picnic areas, public toilet facilities with indoor showers, open entertainment areas; improved roads and walkways and more rubbish bins.

Keen Jetty Beach swimmer Elaine Holley said she wanted dressing sheds, which were not in the plan, as well as improved toilets.

The JAG flyer says the plan to spend $15 million of ratepayers' funds on a small part of the foreshores which is doomed to flooding from storm surges and rising sea level, should be stopped.

It is understood the council's original plan to find $15 million was to source $5 million from the Federal Government; $5 million from the State Government and $5 million from the council's own funds.

Apparently the council's $5 million share was planned to come from about $1.5 million in environmental levy funding and a $1.5 million loan, added to the $2 million sourced from State Park funding which came from profits earned from the council's coastal holiday parks.