New roller coaster under construction at Movie World. Picture: Richard Gosling
New roller coaster under construction at Movie World. Picture: Richard Gosling

Could this be Australia's biggest rollercoaster?

A THRILL ride tipped to be the biggest rollercoaster in Australia is starting to take shape at Movie World.

The bright pink track can be clearly seen towering above the Oxenford theme park from the adjacent M1, sparking plenty debate around what the ride could be.

Village Roadshow spokesman Mitch Olivey said an announcement would soon be made regarding the new ride, but declined to comment further.

The theme park announced it would be unveiling a new ride more than a year ago and have remained tight-lipped since.

Online theme park forums have gone into a tailspin since construction began with many fans speculating the ride will be a hypercoaster, similar to the Flash ride at Lewa Adventure Park in China.

The Flash was built by Mack Rides, the same company that is building the new Gold Coast attraction.

Fans have speculated the ride may be called "The Joker", keeping in theme with Movie World's other popular rides.

Images of existing rollercoasters around the world have been shared in online theme park forums where members are discussing what the Gold Coast's new rollercoaster could be.

If theme park buffs are right, the ride would be not only the Coast's first hypercoaster, but Australia's first.

Hypercoasters are any rollercoaster with a height or a drop measuring 61m or more. They are common in America, but have never been built in Australia.

The monster ride isn't the only work underway in the area, cabins for overnight visitors are being built at Paradise Country, while a golf complex and a footbridge for the new hypercoaster are also being built.